About t-werkz

Thomas Ee


We are a team of passionate individuals who love what we do. We approach all our project with one intention – creating an environment that is simply beautiful, fully practical and a place anyone would be proud to call their own!

We love creating amazing and innovative designs that are in line with our client’s needs and style preference. Our goal is very simple – we aim to provide our clients with an experience that will be a constant joy to live in!

The culture we have built over the year, is principle and value focused. We believe in being responsible individuals which aim to provide value and happiness to the lives of those around us. Therefore, creating a positive working environment for both us and our clients. Honesty and a service-orientated approach are our core values and we aim to build long and memorable relationships with our customers.

Finally, listening to you, our clients and customers and building your “dream” environment is our absolute priority. We ensure that we will provide constant project management to assure you that the job is being done the way we promised! We are exist to serve you!